Regression Is All That I Yearn For

by False Plaintiff

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brand new 2-track ep mmxiv

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Brandon Tanoto - Vocals
Bryner Tan - Guitars
Nicholas Phang - Guitars
Jonathan Vincent - Bass
Sydney Long - Drums


released May 11, 2014

Recorded at TNT Studios, Snakeweed Studios and The Lithe Paralogue Studio
Mixed and mastered by Mike Moschetto of The Office Recording
Music by False Plaintiff
Additional guitars by Daniel Sassoon
Special thanks to Daniel Sassoon and Leonard Soosay

All lyrics and artwork by Brandon Tanoto



all rights reserved


False Plaintiff Singapore

yes we're that band from singapore
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Track Name: Growing Up
I’ve got my head buried in the sand, as I questioned myself if it’s folly that has left me in this sorry mess. Maybe it’s the fear of never letting go or the fear that these feelings would be left untold.

Most nights I can’t fall asleep. It’s horrid how I only find solace in my dreams but in this life I loathe, I guess it’s safe to say I’ve already died inside.

Now please, tell me where you draw the line. You only blame me for the heartbreaks and the wasted time, and these feelings – they’re constantly dwelling in these hollow shell of mine.

We search for comfort whereby most of which we do not find. I’m writing songs about my problems but I never get the endings right.

16, 17, 18, 19 – We all grow up. We all grow up. I’ve learnt that wisdom doesn’t come with age, it comes with mistakes we swore we’d never make.

20, 21, 22, 23 – We’ve all messed up. We’ve all messed up. I think it’s best you keep your distance and stay away from me cause I’ve never moved on.

Now I feel so sorry for myself.

Time stood still at least to myself and it scares me how I still awake and cry for help.

So won’t you stick around and watch me drown?

Round and round in circles we will find ourselves here again, tell me this is how it ends.
Track Name: Limbo
Cause it’s cold outside in this stormy weather, yet it’s warm in places that I can’t remember.

But maybe since everyone says that this is the way I should feel, then I guess I have come to the point where these longings are no longer real.

You could be the shelter that’ll shield me from the rain or the beacon of light if I may lose my way. And I’ll be fine eventually, as long as you don’t leave. You’re my addiction – a substitute for medication.

I’ll take my chances at something I’ve found so strange and unfamiliar. And if you could be by my side then things would be so much easier.

I’ll take my chances at something I’ve found so strange and unfamiliar, even though I am aware of love and its vices.

It’s funny how I never sleep, yet day after day, I keep waking up. If this is how limbo feels like, then there's nowhere to go but downwards from here.

How does it feel to be truly happy?